We pay so much money to buy our Android Smartphones but we don’t use many of the useful features of our Smartphones. One of such features of our Smartphone mobile is its ability to help us make some extra income by installing apps. There are hundreds of apps you can install in your Android mobile (or even in your iPhone) that can help you make good money. Here, we are showing you some of the best & highly rated apps that can give you more earning with less work remember Knowledge is Power.

Find the details of these android apps that you can install & make money. If you have an iPhone then you can search through the Apps store. They include:

  • Earn Money: There are a number of ways you can earn money after installing the ‘Earn Money’ app. You can get paid by visiting a webpage, clicking ads, watching videos, installing other apps, completing short surveys etc. The app is available in both paid as well as free version. If you want to make more money then you can go for the paid version. You can earn $0.25 per referral. You can invite your friends by sending your referral code through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Email etc. Your earnings will be shown in coins & 100 coins equals $1. Your money will be deposited in your PayPal account within 24 hours after making the request. This is one of the highest ‘make money’ app in android market (rated almost 4.3 out of 5 from 64,000 members).
  • Mint Coins: One of the best way to earn money from your Android smartphone is from Mint Coins app. You can earn by playing free games, downloading an app, registering on other sites, watching a video ad, doing a small survey etc. The best part of this app is that it generates earnings faster than other apps. Earning $5 to $10 takes little time. Minimum amount you can withdraw is $1 through PayPal. You can even get paid for inviting your friends too. You earn $0.25 per friend invited and your friend gets $0.10 for signup.
  • CashPirate: It’s easy to earn money through CashPirate. Like Mint Coins, you can earn money by downloading the apps, trying free products, watching videos and referring your friends. You can earn 10% of the earnings that each of your referrals earn and 5% from their referral. They use the terms ‘Coins’ for the earnings and when you have earned 2500 coins, you can easily withdraw your earnings in your PayPal account. This app is rated 4.5/5 from 42,000 satisfied users. It means the site is trustworthy.
  • Google Opinion Rewards: Google Opinion Rewards does not pay you any cash. However it does reward you with Google Play Credits where you can redeem for Android apps, Google Music, Books, Magazines and movies in the Play Store. Here you can earn by completing a small survey giving your opinion about a product to the Google. Google forwards it to the company looking for consumer experience. Once you sign up they will give you surveys every week and rewards could be from 25 cents to $1.
  • Earn Talktime: As the name suggests, you will not earn money but you can earn free talk time by using ‘Earn Talktime’ app. You can get Loan from ‘Earn Talktime’ in case you don’t have sufficient balance. You earn by signing up on a website, discovering Premier offers, Extra discount on shopping on any site, Answering polls & doing online surveys, watching videos and referring your friends.
  • ESPN Streak for the Cash: ESPN Streak for the Cash app could make you rich overnight because it is like a jackpot. Here you have to make few predictions on one of your favorite match and make money daily, weekly and even yearly. You need to get longest winning streak for the team for at least a month. You can do for 10 different sports. You can win $50,000 monthly to over $1 Million a year.
  • CheckPoints: Again here you do not make money but earn points for doing things like scanning the items at a grocery store, checking for items in a shopping mall and other errands. You also get points for playing games and watching videos. Later on you can redeem these points with gadgets, gift cards and other rewards. It’s really good for shopper.
  • App Trailers: You can help app trailers in improving their apps by giving your honest experience about the app you are using. You need to share a review about the app on how good or bad the app is. If you watch a video then you get half a cent and for trying out a demo you can make from 10 cents to $1. You also make points for referrals.
  • NPolls: The very name suggests that this android app is about free polls. Here you have to complete a survey usually about politics, sports, current affairs, social trends, lifestyle, brands and so on. One survey could pay you anything around 20 cents to 50 cents. Yes the money is not that much but if you are free then you could take few surveys daily.
  • Juno Wallet: Juno Wallet does not pay you but rewards you with points. You get points for doing things like watching videos, playing games, completing surveys or polls and inviting friends to play with you. You can redeem points or credit for pizza, coffee, movie tickets, games, books etc. You get gift cards from Juno Wallet. Gift Cards for Amazon, Google iPlay, iTunes etc.
  • Cash King: Cash King App is also a great way to make money on your mobile phone. You get gift cards for Amazon and cash through PayPal. You can earn $5 in 5 minutes and active users can make up to $50 quickly. You make money for watching videos and also sharing with friends. Videos are mainly movie trailers, commercials e.t.c
  • Viggle: Viggle is another app that you can make money from. You can make money while watching TV and listening to music. You get reward points for watching tv show or listening to music albums. With Viggle Live you can earn points by completing polls while watching a TV show live.
  • Easy Shift: Here, you complete Shifts (or Assignments) and get paid through PayPal. You get paid for doing various things like taking photos, shopping, eating out and giving your opinion or review about a restaurant. If you complete a task then you are promoted so you can go for higher paying assignments and other perks. They could pay you within 48 hours.
  • Receipt Hot: It’s a really easy & fun way to earn money from your shopping by submitting your cash receipt to Receipt Hot. Just 3 steps – Shop anything at any retailer, Print a picture of your cash receipt, and get paid! You can even earn more by referring your contacts & scanning barcodes etc.

NB: Much of this information is from www.moneyconexion.com

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