These questions were coiled out of the book: The New Rules of Entrepreneurship by Dr. Rob Yeung and these questions are like light bulbs that flicker on in your head and if properly answered with follow-up action. It will indeed help in bringing out the hidden treasures in you and bring you to limelight. It’s time to play the 20 questions:

  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What do you love doing?
  • When were the last five occasions you had fun?
  • What are your three biggest talents?
  • What have you seen abroad that you wish you had at home?
  • Is there something you love that you can’t find?
  • What irritates you as a consumer?
  • What service or product would you buy today if it existed?
  • What complaints do your friends have as customers and consumers?
  • What is your favorite shop and how could it be better?
  • What could save you time and money if only you could find it?
  • Who do you think provides great service and how could it be transferred to a new product or service?
  • What would help people to have more fun in their lives?
  • What could you produce faster, better, or cheaper?
  • What would help your colleagues to get out of the office on time?
  • How could you make someone feel safer and happier?
  • What could you do to help a parent save a few minutes every day?
  • Who do you think has an indispensable product but bad service?
  • What do you think people tolerate –but don’t need to?
  • What experience would enable people to enjoy their lives more?

If the questions above are answered properly and sincerely you will surely know what to do that will make you standout in life and people will pay you real good for it, you are not answering them to please me the writer but to do a real life evaluation that will in turn make you an achiever doing what you love.

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Saleh Victor
Saleh Victor is is a leadership and personal development coach a relationship expert writer, an innovative story teller, a blogger, and an online entrepreneur. He runs a podcast channel where he inspires people against mediocrity and becoming leaders in their sphere. Victor is a young man with passion for change and transformation, he wants to affect so many lives as he can by making ordinary men become extraordinary achievers in life.


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