7 Human Resource Management Skills for Leaders and Entrepreneurs


I must say to be a good leader you need human resource management skills since you will have to work with people and you need them in achieving your vision.

Great leaders must have human resource management skills to thrive——–Saleh Victor

Human resource management is said to be the process of hiring and developing employees so that they can become more valuable to the organization. Indeed no organization in the world can do well without a set of productive and highly motivated staffs. Human resource management in an organization is crucial and if handled well by the organization it will increase the productivity of the staffs which will in turn lead to a better performance of the different units in the organization. People are indeed one of the hardest people to manage due to our will and different personalities; these personalities comes into play even in the work place and in different areas of our life but if these personalities and properly understood and utilize it will increase the productivity of the employees of the organization. Here are some human resource skills to learn from Jesus Christ;

  1. Recruitment

This is a very important phase and art in every organization. Recruitment itself is the art of finding candidates for a post in an organization, or of recruits for armed forces. The type of people you bring into your team will determine how productive it will be because the quality of the human resource in an organization determines its productivity and even quality of its services and goods too. So is important we look out for traits that are beyond certificates grades alone in other to get the best out of the employees.

  1. Teaching and Training

The art of teachings and trainings in an organization or movement is very important. Jesus Christ is a perfect picture of that, He taught and trained His disciple on several subject matters concerning life development and the mandate He has come for and the mission He has integrated them for. The reality is that you cannot give what you don’t have. If your staff don’t have that value in them they cannot give it out, so equip them with skills you know will be needed to make them more productive and will bring about better results in the services they offer. In human resource management, teachings and trainings are key in making your team better. Most top organizations in the world have a huge yearly budget for staff’s trainings in other to make them better in their different fields. Jesus kept teaching them and training them to the extent that after His death they were already equipped and empowered for exploit. Regular training and teachings will really increase the value of the staff or members of an organization which will bring more results.

  1. Leadership Structure

In other to manage humans, there must be a proper leadership structure if not things will not be productive. Let me say this to you that responsibility makes people responsible, human beings naturally have a way of been careless about things, doing things the way they want, and dominating others especially the ones with choleric temperaments. . Let duties and responsibilities be defined in an organization, let there be an organogram of system of leadership from top to bottom and this will make administration and management easier and better. Leadership is a great skill needed to influence other staffs to achieve a goal, and if well-structured it will be very productive.

  1. Clarity of Vision and Mission

The members of the organization need to be clear about the vision of the organization. Vision they say is a mental picture of a desired future, meaning you have a destination you are going and looking up to. The members in your team need to know where the organization is going and then find his/her role or path in the vision of the organization. Mission too is another thing that an organization needs to have and communicate it to its staffs; Mission has to deal with how you intend to achieve the vision. Jesus made them to understand that in achieving this vision they must go about preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, and liberating men. So, how do you intend to achieve the vision of the organization? Communicate it to members of the organization.

  1. Evaluation and Appraisal

One key step in project management and human resource management is evaluation and appraisal. Every organization must know how to evaluate their staff’s performance on a periodic basis and follow it up with an appraisal in other to encourage them to do better.


  1. Conflict and Problem management

Ability to manage conflicts and issues arising in an organization is essential in human resource management. As far as we relate as humans in a place, there will always be one issue or the other but this skill will help in managing it amicably in a way that it won’t cause any harm to both the organization and staffs. The same way you must have that skill of conflict and problem management to manage humans effectively.

  1. Negotiation

Negotiation is an integral skill in human resource management, and it simply means the process of making an agreement through discussion. To be a good human resource manager, one must have good negotiation skills for is needed to come into conclusion peacefully concerning different matters arising in an organization. In managing people well one need a negotiation skill if not issues will always arise which will lead to different crises.

I must say human resource management is an integral unit in an organization due to the fact that they recruit the staffs, equip them to become more productive to the organization and themselves too. It is time indeed to make our organizations better by recruiting the right people and making them become more productive. Let me say this to you finally that reading this article alone won’t bring that change you desire in the human resource management of your firm, it must be followed with action by applying these principles and things will turn around completely for you. Great leaders are people that understand how to influence people to achieve a particular vision, which means they know how to manage people.


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