Saleh Victor is a young man with a strong passion for Leadership development, personal development, community development, entrepreneurship, and transformation in Africa. His watch word is “I want to impact lives, want my foot prints to be seen upon the earth, and i want to die empty fulfilling my dreams and serving both God and humanity”. He is the Leader of School of Transformation; and he currently runs Leadership and Entrepreneurship development Course for Secondary Schools. Vik is an alumni of Young African Leaders Initiative  Fellowship; an alumni of the Venture in management Program of the Lagos Business School. He has spoken across several platforms across Nigeria from matters related  leadership, Spirituality, entrepreneurship, Digital marketing, Community development, and personal development. He has volunteered for several organizations including Helping Other People Excel Foundation; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Rivers State, Nigeria; and Junior Achievement of Nigeria.

Vik is a Writer, author, pod-caster, copywriter, Digital marketer, Leadership and personal development coach, Community development expert, entrepreneur, vlogger, and a transformational  speaker on matters raging from spirituality, leadership, and business.

Vik has a very strong passion for transformation in Africa. He is a good researcher about Africa’s history, where she use to be, what went wrong, and the way forward for Africa.

His core motivation is to impact more lives, and make the world better than he ever met it. He strongly believe that his gifts are to be used to serve humanity and that he won’t be remembered for how much he has but rather for how much he is able to give out or impact he is able to make. He wants to increase the number of people he can reach out to since he speak 3 Nigerian languages. He also wants to network with other young people that share the same passion with him so that together they can source for solutions to problems and take actions to make Africa a better world.

Vik can be reached through the following ways for speaking engagements, consulting, counselling, or coaching.

Email: info@salehvictor.com;

Mobile Number: +2348038936889.

You can equally reach him through his blog and connect with him on different social media platforms.