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Monday, February 19, 2018

14 Best Android Apps That Can Make You Money

We pay so much money to buy our Android Smartphones but we don’t use many of the useful features of our Smartphones. One of such features of our Smartphone mobile is its ability to...

The Art of Making Money for Students

Many students in higher institutions that I have come in contact with are mostly dependent on their parents or guardians to feed and sustain themselves in school and to me it looks quite odd,...

20 Questions That If Answered Will Make You a Leader and a Success

These questions were coiled out of the book: The New Rules of Entrepreneurship by Dr. Rob Yeung and these questions are like light bulbs that flicker on in your head and if properly answered...

The Art of Earning Residual Income

There are majorly two streams of income which are: Linear income and Residual income. In the world today most of us are financial illiterate and we are told to go to school, read our...

You are not too young to start

As it is popularly said that age is just a number, maturity is more of the mind and not just about the number of years. One major issue with young people is their inability...

Leaders and Entrepreneurs Do Something New Or Tackle Something Old

Entrepreneurship is all about creativity and innovation, there’s a perception that you can only be an entrepreneur if you can do something innovative, groundbreaking, and entirely different, this is true but it only encapsulates...

Three Proven Income Making Strategies

 money is actually a reward one receives for the service you render. The more valuable the service, the greater the reward. Thinking of ways we can be of greater service will not only help...

Why You Should Begin To Earn Income While In School

The fact is that adequate information on financial literacy is critical to every student’s financial well-being. Teachings on financial intelligence has been held for too long from us, and if something is not done...

Where do I Start From to build a Business?

This is actually a fantastic topic today, it is quite easy to start anything once you have made up your mind to, the first thing you need to do is to decide to start...

Being a Student Shouldn’t Make You Lack Or Broke

In one way or the other our lives are actually ruled by different customs or philosophies based on our background or where we come from. We can have two different students in the same...





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