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Monday, April 23, 2018

Lead or Build a Business by Going against the Crowd

Almost everybody in the world thinks we must always do and think the conventional way but that doesn’t work for me as a person. I don’t believe that because if you take a careful...

How to Earn Huge Income Going 3D

Many young people and students today are looking for white-collar jobs. I mean jobs which they will sit in their air-conditioned office and many even with these jobs, still end up broke. But going...

Become an Entrepreneur By Investigating In New Markets, Niches, and Opportunities

Another alternative way of making huge amount of money as a young man is to get ideas from elsewhere. Don’t worry you won’t literally be doing anything. In business, appropriating someone else’ idea is...

Leaders and Entrepreneurs Do Something New Or Tackle Something Old

Entrepreneurship is all about creativity and innovation, there’s a perception that you can only be an entrepreneur if you can do something innovative, groundbreaking, and entirely different, this is true but it only encapsulates...

Real Leaders and Entrepreneurs Chase After Passion Not Cash

Passion has to deal with what one love doing easily without struggling. It is something one can do even if one is not being paid for doing it. Do what you are passionate about...

Ideas Are Like Seeds to Leaders and Entrepreneurs

An idea can be defined as: a mental image that reflects reality; a thought or mental picture such as a future or possible event; a plan or a realization of a possible way of...

Start With What You Have

I remember a story of a woman whose husband was in debt and died without paying off the debt and the window was constantly being harassed to pay back what her late husband borrowed...

The Art of Earning Residual Income

There are majorly two streams of income which are: Linear income and Residual income. In the world today most of us are financial illiterate and we are told to go to school, read our...

Where do I Start From to build a Business?

This is actually a fantastic topic today, it is quite easy to start anything once you have made up your mind to, the first thing you need to do is to decide to start...

Start From Where You Are

Sincerely, I must confess that no location is actually a barrier to your success, making an influence or making money. Many people complain about where they are and run to other places or even...





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