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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Leadership By Learning

Leaders are readers as is popularly said and this is just the fact. John C Maxwell once said that when a leader stop learning, he stop leading, John F. Kennedy also said Leadership and...

Building the Habit of Excellence

Excellence is a state of been outstanding amongst others, the world celebrate excellence. Whatever you are doing, is needed you put some touch of excellence into it and it will take you farther than...

The 3 Ts of Life

In this particular podcast you will learn the 3 Ts that are very crucial in life and if properly attended to and maximize will make one to standout in life. The 3 Ts of...

How to maximize 2017

This year us indeed going to be a very beautiful year but as an adage says that as a man lay his bed so shall he lies on it which means that preparation is...

You are not too young to start

As it is popularly said that age is just a number, maturity is more of the mind and not just about the number of years. One major issue with young people is their inability...

The Art of Making Money for Students

Many students in higher institutions that I have come in contact with are mostly dependent on their parents or guardians to feed and sustain themselves in school and to me it looks quite odd,...

14 Best Android Apps That Can Make You Money

We pay so much money to buy our Android Smartphones but we don’t use many of the useful features of our Smartphones. One of such features of our Smartphone mobile is its ability to...

Being a Student Shouldn’t Make You Lack Or Broke

In one way or the other our lives are actually ruled by different customs or philosophies based on our background or where we come from. We can have two different students in the same...

Look Global, Work Smart and Start Small To Be Rich

Nobody was ever created to be a local champion or die as one but we can start locally by looking globally and this will surely help our approach to business in order to earn...

Love is Indeed More about Care

Care is indeed a critical ingredient for any relationship to be a success. Guys need it and ladies also need it. Care is known as a feeling  of concern or interest; attaching importance to...





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