I have seen people trying to make money by thinking like a seller rather than thinking like a buyer. Think as if you are the one buying rather than the one selling. Ask yourself and be sincere that if I was to buy the same product am presenting for sale will you buy? And if the answer is yes, then at what price will you pay for such a product?

Building a viable enterprise has only one key: it’s about providing a product or service that someone will pay for. Even at the early stage of throwing ideas around, try and think about the potential customer for whatever you might do.  Too many entrepreneurs produce skillfully crafted or design incredible services, they offer goods that are exquisite or clever, beautiful or radical. However, they go out of business because they can’t connect with enough customers who are willing to buy them. The dot-com boom was a perfect example of entrepreneurs who found interesting ways to use technology but ultimately failed to solve business problems or tap into genuine needs. Much of the web today continues to be interesting and innovative but full of solutions in search of problems. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that people will want it and want to pay for it so you got to think like the man buying it and not like the seller.

People that earn real income do not merely create something and then try to sell it-they find out what customers need and then create it and rather than outsmart the customer, they offer something that smart customers need.

Listen friend if there is a mantra for you to repeat without failing it is this: have a customer for what you do, don’t assume that customers will be excited by your idea as you are. Just because your product or service may be good, better or great, does not mean that customers will part with money for it, even throwing lots of money at it through a sleek marketing campaign probably won’t do it either. Modern customers do not actually buy what you tell them to buy. Unless what you offer fulfills some want or need of customers, it won’t sell.

You might have a great product or wonderful service to offer but the truth is that without customers to patronize you, all what you are doing won’t fetch you any income or make you successful. So we must all learn to start thinking as the buyer instead of the seller of that product or service so that you can earn huge cash. You should never forget that business is all about customers and they are the core of any business, so start thinking like a buyer not a seller from today henceforth and great money will come your way.


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Saleh Victor
Saleh Victor is is a leadership and personal development coach a relationship expert writer, an innovative story teller, a blogger, and an online entrepreneur. He runs a podcast channel where he inspires people against mediocrity and becoming leaders in their sphere. Victor is a young man with passion for change and transformation, he wants to affect so many lives as he can by making ordinary men become extraordinary achievers in life.


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