Isaac Asimov said “self-education is, I firmly believe the only kind of education there is. By this I do not mean head to the university and get yourself into debt with student loans if it is actually present in your country but in mine is not, but rather I mean you picking up a book and diving into it. “As a man thinketh” by James Allen is free on the internet and is so inspiring. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is so fascinating and “How rich people think” by Steve Siebold is spot-on accurate. All am saying is that you don’t need to go and study financial management in the university or go to a business school to educate yourself in order to earn more money, all you need is available around you and the best part is that it’s almost free. Get nice books to read, attend seminars, surf the internet and register in sites like mine for great ideas on how to learn, innovate, earn more income and live fulfilled.

We educate ourselves also by questioning what you see, hear, and read. Don’t believe everything you hear on the news, most of what the networks tells you are cherry picked sound bites intended to shock and scare. So don’t waste your time. There are wealth of information if you are willing to look, a good place to start from especially if you are struggling with debt is this site ( and also

Also, try not to be too distracted by FOX, NBC, CBN, ESPN, and 24/7 NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL……it’s a dumbing-down technique that’s getting worse. The Romans used this tactic 2000 years ago, by using the Coliseum and Gladiators to distract and entertain the angry mobs while the senate increased taxes to seal crooked deals.

In any business, being the expert in your field differentiates you from your competition, instead of starting out scattershot and trying several different fields, which many have done, it can be more beneficial to build and develop one industry and gain credibility there before moving on to the next. The scattershot approach requires a bigger learning curve than concentration in a single area at a time. It can also be a huge drain on marketing dollars.

I strongly believe the day we stop learning that day we actually start dying and ignorance is really a great darkness that makes you see impossibilities always and the treatment for it is to get educated, you see many people today perish due to lack of knowledge. To earn more income from today henceforth you have to begin to educate yourself more in what you do or what you love to do and how to be really successful in life and yet be greatly fulfilled. Let me say you can’t earn beyond how much you know or what you know.



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Saleh Victor
Saleh Victor is is a leadership and personal development coach a relationship expert writer, an innovative story teller, a blogger, and an online entrepreneur. He runs a podcast channel where he inspires people against mediocrity and becoming leaders in their sphere. Victor is a young man with passion for change and transformation, he wants to affect so many lives as he can by making ordinary men become extraordinary achievers in life.


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