We all need to tap into the resources within us in order to make impact in life. Every one of us needs to look inward in order to make progress on the outward. One great discovery in life is to understand that there is something in you that can make life more meaningful and more interesting on the outside, and you will do well to look inward to know what it is that you have. Let me say this that man might be born naked but we are actually not born empty. There are special abilities in us and most people go through life without realizing this fact. These abilities are bestowed upon us to indeed make life easier and interesting for us and for others around us.

Believe me, you have a special gift that can make a difference, not just in your life but in the world at large. There is a deposit of intrinsic worth in you, look inward there is something in you that makes you special and if used properly you will become a man of influence and also earn cool cash from it even right from school as a student. The resources needed to turn your dream of making an impact in life a reality is within you. It is merely waiting for the day you will finally decide to wake up and claim your birthright. No matter how overwhelming your present financial challenges may be, they can be completely eliminated if only you can tap into the reservoir of abilities you have been endowed with.

There are virtues, treasures, potentials buried in you, there are gifts in you waiting to be discovered and you can’t make an impact or become a success until you believe this. Believe it and make up your mind to discover them and you would have only discovered a gold mine. Your gift opens door for you and will make you stand before kings, it is time to tap into your inward gifts and talents and use them to serve humanity and they will pay you for it.

If you want to be successful in life? This is the secret: do you what you are gifted in continually until it begins to yield profit to you. What you love to do is a pointer to what your potential is, whatever gives you excitement and makes you enthusiastic is an indicator of your prevailing ability. It is very important that you do what you love if you really want to make money because money only flows to those who focus on such. There is a strong link between money and discovering yourself, you will do well in discovering the gifts and talents that have been lying dormant within you begging to be activated and used to serve humanity. One of the highest paid people in the world today are footballers. Football was not their initial career, it was a hobby, and then it became their main source of income.

There is an area of interest of your life that can also become a main source of income to you in years to come if only you will be careful enough to discover it, train up yourself in it until you eventually become the best in it because talent alone is not enough. Money will surely flow continuously only to those whose focal point is primarily on their most dominant skill. Some students find it very difficult combining academics with their gifting and still do well but then there is always something everyone can do naturally that won’t affect his academics, find yours now.

Potentials are not assumed, there are discovered, it is time to discover yours and I believe the following questions should be useful;

  • What am I gifted in?
  • What do I love doing?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What natural ability do I possess?
  • What can I do so well than others around me?
  • What do I find real pleasure and fulfillment doing?
  • What can I do for so long that I don’t get tired doing?
  • What will I keep doing even if am grossly underpaid?
  • What is it that if am woken up from sleep to do, I will still do without grumblings?
  • What will I do well enough whether in the corner of my room or in the public?

Answer these questions sincerely and it will help you in discovery what you have within you that the world needs; tap into it by serving humanity and with it and you will stand out in your generation and also create wealth for yourself.

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Saleh Victor
Saleh Victor is is a leadership and personal development coach a relationship expert writer, an innovative story teller, a blogger, and an online entrepreneur. He runs a podcast channel where he inspires people against mediocrity and becoming leaders in their sphere. Victor is a young man with passion for change and transformation, he wants to affect so many lives as he can by making ordinary men become extraordinary achievers in life.


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