Sincerely, I must confess that no location is actually a barrier to your success, making an influence or making money. Many people complain about where they are and run to other places or even countries where they believe have more opportunities. Well, that is not too bad but if you look around there are still people in that same place making impact, making millions and living well. The main problem is not your location but you and your lack of entrepreneurship mindset to see the people’s problem and try to solve it for them and am sure you will be paid for doing that. In my country, many young people are always thinking of how to leave Nigeria to some other promising countries and I have seen many stop work, sell their properties and all they have to travel out to some other countries as if gold are been picked on the streets of those countries and yet the richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote is from the same country living and doing his business here.

I heard a story of two different men years ago and I will like to share it here. A man went to a particular place hoping to start a shoe business. On getting there, he found out that the people there do not put on shoes so he concluded that this place will never make a good market for his shoe selling business so he left back to his previous location. Years later, another young man went to that same place where the first man had visited and discovered that the people there do not put on shoes. The second man didn’t just give up like the first man rather he decided to look deeper into the situation and he saw an opportunity to build a business and he started thinking of how to import shoes there and teach them the importance of putting on shoes and the idea really worked. The people began to see the need to put on shoes to protect their feet and through this the second man built a great business that made him a millionaire. I challenge you friend your location is not the problem you can make money from anywhere in this world only if you can see their need and meet that need.

The internet is a great plus for our generation and sincerely with your laptop in a corner of your room you can offer your products or services to the whole world. The internet has made life easier and business very interesting and has actually bridged the gap of location in business. Your product or service can go viral through the internet. The internet is a great tool and I will advise you to begin to use it if you have not and if you have, then learn how to use it better to market your product or service and make great sales. So, start what you want to do from where you are and stop waiting for the perfect location to start your business because you might not get one, all you need is to start from where you are now and reach out to the world through the internet platform which is a great tool that we ought to be grateful for

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Saleh Victor
Saleh Victor is is a leadership and personal development coach a relationship expert writer, an innovative story teller, a blogger, and an online entrepreneur. He runs a podcast channel where he inspires people against mediocrity and becoming leaders in their sphere. Victor is a young man with passion for change and transformation, he wants to affect so many lives as he can by making ordinary men become extraordinary achievers in life.


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